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7 Reasons Why You Need Residential Storage in Binghamton, NY by Laing Mobile Storage

There are many reasons why you would need residential storage in Broome County, NY, Chenango County, NY, Tioga County, NY, Susquehanna County, PA or within Central, NY, or Upstate, NY. Whether you’re packing up to move or you’re renovating your home, using on- or off-site storage can be very beneficial to you in Binghamton, NY and the surrounding towns of Binghamton.

Residential On-Site Storage

This type of storage involves placing a Mobile Storage Unit in your driveway or yard that can be filled at your convenience. The container will remain there until you have offloaded the items back into the home. Then, a driver will come pick up the empty container.

Here are the top 7 reasons for residential mobile storage:

1. Home Renovations

When undergoing a home improvement project, such as refinishing your floors or gutting your kitchen, you need somewhere to store your furniture and other items temporarily until you can move them all back in.

If you’re renovating your kitchen, for example, you will need to remove everything in there, such as the refrigerator, cabinets, table and chairs. You need to space to live in the rest of the home so you can’t cram it all in the living room. With an mobile storage unit, you just haul out the stuff and place it in the unit while the renovations are being done.

2. Floor Replacement

Installing new hardwood floors in your home isn’t an easy task. Nothing can be left on the floors while this is going in. The average flooring installation job takes about five days, which means a temporary storage solution is all that is needed rather than an off-site one. Put all your stuff in the mobile storage unit on your front lawn, then after the five days is up, bring it all back in. Call for someone to pick up the empty unit, and you’re all done!

3. Equipment Storage

Do you own a business? Whether a construction site or seasonal business, you may not have the available space inside your usual site or store and need an on-site shipping container to put the equipment and products you don’t need every day.

But because you may need access to the equipment sometimes, you don’t want to send it off-site because it would be a hassle to access those things when the need arises. On-site storage, then, is a huge convenience to you as a business owner.

4. Home Staging

As a real estate agent, you know there are times where you have to stage a home for sale so it looks clean, neat and stylish for potential home buyers during open houses and showings. Home staging is basically de-cluttering the space of personal belongings and extra furnishings. But there’s only so much you can hide in closets and storage spaces, especially when people may open those things to take a look.

Placing a discreet on-site storage container on the property can house large and personal items in a manner that is hidden from the view of buyers.

5. College Students on Break

During summer break when college kids are home for an extended period of time, they will have a lot of stuff with them, such as furniture, bedding, and small appliances. A mobile storage unit is the perfect storage solution for short term storage.

6. Home Sale

If you’re putting your house up for sale, you may need to clear out the property of extra items and junk. After all, moving is the best time to de-clutter and simplify your life. By de-cluttering the house, you can better maneuver around it to pack more efficiently. Because you won’t need immediate access to the extra stuff you don’t really need, off-site storage could be a great benefit when moving.

7. Estate Cleanout

In the event you have to clear out an estate in a hurry, you may want an off-site storage option that allows you to keep those belongings for now until you can really go through them and decide what to keep. Clearing out an estate can be stressful and overwhelming due to the emotions involved as well as the time crunch.


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